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1) We can handle your data at two stages: before you become a client and after you become a client.  This policy only relates to your data before you become a client. You should refer to our terms of business for information on how your data will be handled after you become a client.

2) Depending upon the communication method that you select when contacting us initially, electronic communications sent through the website may not be secure.  If you wish to contact us via a more secure channel, you should telephone us. 

3) When you complete a contact form, your data will be emailed to our team, will be held within our content management system and will be sent electronically to an enquiry management system, which helps us to provide you with a better service.  Our systems are hosted at a location within the jurisdiction of England and Wales and managed by our IT team.  Your data will not be shared with any third-party except where technical and debugging reasons require us to share real data with a specialist provider, who will act under a contract with us and will follow our privacy policies when handling your data.

4) Since electronic communication methods can be less secure than other communication methods, we only collect very basic information about your enquiry via our online contact forms, and will then aim to discuss the details of your case by telephone or, -at your option - by email, which may also be less secure. 

5) We also collect statistical and marketing reporting data via our website to help us to improve our accessibility to the public.  This is usually in anonymous form, however, we may examine this data in detail to investigate any suspected technical bugs in our systems, any attempts at online fraud which we might suspect, or any other technical peculiarities that we might wish to investigate forensically.

6) If you instruct us or negotiate with us with a view to instructing us, we may send you marketing communications by email, either in the course of our acting for you or at a later date, about similar services that we provide. You will be given the opportunity not to receive such communications (“unsubscribe”), both initially and when we contact you at any later time.

7) In the event of re-organisation or transfer of all or part of Prolegal Solicitors Limited's business, a transfer of the data detailed above may occur to the new entities or third parties through which the whole or part of Prolegal Solicitors Limited's business will be carried out.


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